Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, Please contact us.

To make a investment you must first become a member of USDTHourly . Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.

It's quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Register".

Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdrawal section.

For more security we disabled change e-mail , but you can contact support for changing your email.

Your account will be updated as fast and automatically, as you deposit. But for crypto-currencies, after receiving th first confirmation.

Click forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.

No, profits are gathered on your USDTHourly account and you can withdraw them at anytime.

Depending on each plan. Interest on your USDTHourly account is acquired Hourly , Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and credited to your available balance at the end of each hour or day or etc.

Yes! To make a deposit from your USDTHourly account balance. Simply login into your members account and click on Deposit link and select the "Spend of balance" option from drop down list.

Yes, you can make many deposit but all transactions are handled separately.

Funds are usually available instantly , but some times within 12 business hours .

Our trading system has been developed and improved to avoid such a risk. We use the safe and conservative intraday trading, which does not provide excessive lot sizes, and, accordingly, excessive risks. Rest assured that your money is perfectly safe.

No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be frozen.

These funds are managed by a team of USDTHourly investment experts.

Yes, USDTHourly offers the affiliate program, detailed information is on home page.

First, find referral link and other tools (banners) for attracting referrals in your account. Share this link with your friends or use banners on websites, which are available to you. When someone clicks on this link to register, he becomes your referral.